Leading Up Mentoring System

It’s nearly impossible for an organization to grow past the capacity of its leaders without growing the capacity of the team. Magellan’s Leading UP Mentoring System is designed specifically to help you do that.


Growing Capacity

Leading UP is a powerful mentoring system that will develop employees to become:

  • Intrinsically motivated and personally invested.
  • Great right-hand employees.
  • Employees that create capacity for their boss and the organization.
  • Great teammates to those around them.
  • Stress reducers within the organization.
  • Employees that bosses want to promote.

The System

Immersion Session:

The program begins with everyone attending one of three Leading Up immersion sessions.  One session is specifically targeted for employees, one for leaders and managers, and one for in-house trainers and mentors.  Each immersion session last for a half-day and will include a full overview of all the Leading Up concepts, mental frameworks, and skills.

Monthly Content:

After the initial immersion session, small groups will meet monthly for 45 minutes to review Leading up skills and discuss new content. This allows participants to increase and hone their Leading UP skills as employees or mentors of employees.  Each month, the organization and participating individuals will receive the following:

  1. Leading UP guide for each participating employee.
  2. Leading UP mentoring notes for participating leaders.
  3. Self-assessment accountability guide for participating employees.
  4. Self-directed power point and training guide for trainers.

In addition, participants will have their own ongoing accountability guide to ensure they are progressing and honing their skills.


The investment for the Leading Up Mentoring System is $10 per enrolled employee per month, plus an initial, one-time fee for the immersion sessions, dependent on the size of the organization.


Here’s what attendees have to say about their experience in the Leading Up program:

It was amazing! He was a great speaker and it was an amazing experience with a lot of valuable information. I can’t wait for more!


I loved loved loved it! It hits home with work related issues , and it is the common sense things that need to be said out loud to reaffirm what we were taught in kindergarten…Issues such as do not wait until the last minute to take care of something if you have the ability to control it, do not slander one another to team mates, be the best at what you are assigned to do. If you are a tree in the play be the best tree ever!…I also needed to hear that sometimes we leave monkey’s on our bosses backs without realizing it. I started a boss list, and I also am not bringing any ideas to anyone’s office without them being management ready. I am excited for the next session. So blessed to be a part of a firm that grows the employees in the best way possible. Thank you for putting us through Leading up!


I loved all of the information but I also loved how we had to really stop and think about the ways that we as individuals can make a difference.  Really looking forward to the next session!


I really enjoyed the Leading Up session with David Woods yesterday. David was personable and funny and made me realize that no matter what position you are in within the company, we are all capable of achieving greatness.


I thought it was terrific!  David was such a great speaker and he certainly has a way of making us look at the way we approach our job and managers in a whole new light.  He was a great promoter of team work yet was able to show the importance of being a self-starter in  our career paths.


It was a wonderful experience! There were a lot of good little things to think about that are not necessarily common sense. I also thought it was just a great reminder in general of not only how to be a good employee, but a good person overall. If I could be “succinct” and tell you one thing that stuck with me the most, I’d say “Happiness and peace are as contagious as discontent and stress; choose the former over the latter and you’ll be sure to go far.


Awesome stuff… strong content that reinforces the importance of being human in the workplace, knowing how to effectively communicate with colleagues, and how to objectively assess your strengths and weakness. I truly enjoyed it.


I think it was a good reflection period for those of us in the early stages of our careers and looking to advance. Some of his advice was the exact opposite of what many of us have been told up until this point and he provided sound reasoning to back up his claims. I appreciated his insights on the how to be someone people want to promote, the five gears, expanding your capacity as an organization and having difficult conversations. This was one of the more valuable training sessions that I’ve attended.


I thought the session was extremely insightful and I walked away with many action items. David did a great job articulating the presentation and making it digestible and intriguing.


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