Corner Office Groups

Designed to provide Senior Executives an on-going forum to discuss ideas and deal with the unique challenges they face every day.

What is Corner Office?

Corner Office is a monthly peer-to-peer session with other top executives in a confidential setting.

Who is it for?

Corner Office is exclusively available to CEO’s, Presidents, Business Owners and other Senior Executives.

Who Facilitates the Corner Office Sessions?

David Woods and Brent Douglas facilitate Corner Office groups.    Both David and Brent have been CEOs/Presidents of various organizations and are expert facilitators, coaches and strategists.

What are the benefits of joining Corner Office?

Learn from others that have walked a mile in your shoes.  Members of Corner Office learn and leverage each other to help them:

  • Gain new ideas to Grow Your Business.
  • Have a Confidential Sounding Board.
  • Reduce their Stress as a Top Exec.

Corner Office members gain lifetime relationships with members of their group.   As such, members of each Corner Office group are uniquely matched to ensure the perfect mix of executives.

When are the meetings?

Each Corner Office group meets monthly on a specific set morning of each month.   Morning sessions begin at 8:00 with coffee, light breakfast and networking with your fellow members.   The sessions begin at 8:30 and last until 11:30.

Is it confidential?

Absolutely.   Each member must sign a confidentiality agreement before joining.   Creating a “safe haven” for leaders to talk openly is an important aspect of Corner Office.

How much does it cost?

Most peer-to-peer groups cost $500 and up to $1200 per month.    We have intentionally made Corner Office a great investment at $375 per month.


How do I sign up or learn more?


Since each group is uniquely matched, please connect with David Woods or Brent Douglas directly to discuss your involvement and answer any questions you might have.